Canadians for Choice is proud to announce the creation of The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund. The Norma Scarborough Emergency Fund provides support to women who need to travel long distances to access a safe abortion in Canada. Shockingly, many Canadian women are still unable to access an abortion in their communities and often have to travel far, sometimes 20 hours, in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Read Reality Check for more info about barriers women face when trying to access abortion services in their communities.

Through the Norma Scarborough Emergency fund, CFC assists women with travel and accommodation expenses, allowing them to exercise their reproductive choice. Canadians for Choice offers a compassionate ear to women in need. Through our 24-hours information and referral line, CFC staff and volunteers are able to assist women in finding services that are nearby, timely and in accordance with individual circumstances.

CFC named the fund in honor of pro-choice leader Norma Scarborough who passed away in April 2009. Norma Scarborough was a leading activist and was instrumental in legalizing and making accessible abortion in Canada. She worked tirelessly for a woman's right to choose. Click here to read more stories about her amazing efforts and commitment, based on interviews with Amanda LeRougetel.

To donate, click here and choose the Norma Scarborough fund under Designation. You can also call us at 1-888-642-2725 to process your donation over the phone or send your donation to:

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